Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Creative Cowboys

The City of Tempe (that’s in Arizona, cowboy) has a section on its Web site called Creative Class Workers Typify Tempe. Whether or not that’s actually the case, Tempe deserves perks for attempting to align its characteristics with those of the creative class. Effort counts, friends. According to the site:

#1 Creative class members are attracted to places where they can easily find opportunities to thrive, be themselves and fit in, solve problems and move onto the next challenge. Diversity is extremely important.

#2 Creative class workers want an active nightlife with a strong cultural focus.

#3 Creative class members tend to want to push their bodies with active sports such as kayaking, triathlons and distance bicycling. (NOTE: Orlando has world-class wakeboarding. Seriously. That’s a good thing.)

#4 Music and art are key elements to attracting the creative class.

#5 Authenticity of a neighborhood is important.

#6 The Creative Class wants late business hours, open to the public events, and drop-in events without set start times are key.

Think about it. If we did nothing but concentrate on these six areas as Orlando grows, we may or may not attract the creative class ... but we sure would have a community I'd love to live in.

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