Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Need for Geek

Yesterday, Etan Horowitz bylined an article in the Orlando Sentinel about Wikipedia moving its headquarters from St. Petersburg to San Francisco. According to the article, the lack of a geek culture in Tampa Bay is part of the reason the organization is making the move. Jimmy Wales, the founder Wikipedia, is cited as saying the state must foster a “geek culture” to become a center of technological innovation. While there is a quote later in the article noting that we can’t artificially create that culture, I think that the information on this blog makes the case that there are definite steps we can – and should – take to nurture, elevate, and foster a creative class in Orlando. Wikipedia's move is a clear fulfillment of the formula that creativity + diversity = economic growth.

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Charles Rosenberger said...

We definitely need more geeks in this state. And Wikipedia's move isn't unexpected when you consider that their new neighbors are going to be Google, Yahoo, Apple, it makes sense.