Thursday, October 11, 2007

Austin Shmaustin

It's quite possible we're gonna get really tired of talking about Austin as we think about the 'creative city' concept. So, let's start with a mini-celebration of the fact that Austin seems to be talking about us ... sorta. We appear on page 24 of the 26-page report titled The Economic Impact of Austin’s Entertainment Software/Digital Media Industry. See mention - and link - below. We got them on the run now, boy!
"Moreover, other areas are becoming increasingly aggressive in investing in the educational infrastructure necessary to create the workforce of tomorrow’s entertainment software/digital media industry. Electronic Arts (EA) multi-million dollar investment in training in Montreal (with public sector support from Quebec) is an example, and is echoed by the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, a partnership of EA, the University of Central Florida, the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Orlando area economic development officials, and the state of Florida that is focused specifically on training the next generation of advanced game developers. Initiatives of this type challenge Austin to respond, with the City perhaps best-suited to play a catalytic role among different stakeholders. In the process, success may well be a function of our capacity to apply creativity to economic development in the creative sector."

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