Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cake Mix for Creative Cities

I'm wondering about film festivals and whether the cities we consider to be creative centers all have them. Orlando does - in fact, we have two.

(The second annual Orlando Film Festival will be held in and around downtown November 8-11. I know many of the folks involved with this event, including some with films to be shown. Don't miss In Marjorie's Wake for environmentalism, Florida history and girl power - awesome!)

But do all creative cities have film festivals? Is it a necessary part of the mix? I think I feel a research project coming on. And what about food + wine festivals? High-profile marathons? (sidebar: the average income for marathon runners is almost $100,000.) Educational institutions in the urban center? What's the necessary mix of ingredients for a creative city? Could we possibly reduce this to a formula? Or at least a set of criteria? Hmmmm. Definitely requires some further investigation.

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