Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Traffic congestion and a blog crawl

This from a recently discovered city-oriented blog called The Bellows: “You shouldn’t build transportation networks for the city you have, you should build them for the city you expect to have.” Yes!

To further prove the point, that blog comment connects to another blog which has interesting observations and connects to a Charlotte Observer story about that city’s tax for its light rail system. Whew. That journey was a little exhausting. Still, it’s all worth perusing. Particularly since we turned up our Central Florida noses at mass transit and handed off our system on a silver platter. So what does transit have to do with Orlando’s creative village? Well, consider this thought, “New Urbanism does not usually exclude automobile travel, but it increases transportation options and sometimes gives priority to walking, cycling and transit.”

In summary, while you’re waiting for light rail in Orlando, go buy a Prius – the Official Car of the Creative Class.

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Katie said...

I'm originally from Rock Hill, SC just south of Charlotte. I have to say I am super proud that they are taking this kind of initiative...I remember when people were arguing about having a light rail system nonstop! It's nice to see that it's finally happened. I believe they are still debating installing a light rail line from Charlotte to Rock Hill to supplement the I-77 corridor.

Now if we can only have that kind of initiative in Orlando!